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Find out why Louisville Landsharks is best community for triathletes in the area and we think, in the country! Sure we have a list of benefits but the best way to get to know us is by coming out to one of our next events.

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Upcoming events

    • 03 May 2018
    • 30 Aug 2018
    • 17 sessions
    • https://www.facebook.com/louisville.landsharks/

    Thursday Evening Ride


    Check the Facebook page for announcements about exact location.

    • 05 May 2018
    • 13 Oct 2018
    • 23 sessions
    • https://www.facebook.com/louisville.landsharks/

    Saturday Run "With Joy"


    Check the Facebook page for announcements about route and possible cancellation

    • 06 May 2018
    • 23 Sep 2018
    • 9 sessions
    • 1217 Deam Lake Rd, Borden IN 47106

    Deam Lake Open Water Swim

    Starting in May and running through September we will once again have access to swim at Deam Lake in Southern Indiana.  It takes a great deal of effort to get this permit each year and we have a VERY strict set of rules that we must follow to maintain it.  Here is a basic FAQ that will help you get your toes in the water and have a fun and more importantly safe outing.

    Do you need any volunteers?

    Why yes, yes we do.  This really needs to be the first thing stated here because this event is only possible because of nice people coming up and volunteering their morning to help the group.

    What sort of volunteer help is required?

    Kayaks and Kayaker's, Paddle Boards and Paddle Boarder's could all be helpful.  You don't need to own one to show up and paddle around keeping an eye out for trouble.  Just let us know that are you available with a Kayak/Paddle Board and/or a body to propel one and we will work something out.  Besides, it's a great workout. 

    Who can attend?

    This is a Landsharks Paid Members Only event. You must also have signed the electronic waiver recently updated in April 2016.

    Where is Deam Lake?

    1217 Deam Lake Rd, Borden IN 47106


    What is the Cost?

    It is free to paid Landsharks Members.  However, there is an entry fee to pay at the gate to the park.  $9.00 per vehicle for Non-Residents, $7.00 for Residents.  

    What time should I arrive?

    If you plan to swim, you should arrive by 6AM to allow time to sign-in and prepare yourself and your gear.  There are no guarantees that anyone will be staying back to sign-in late comers so if you don't make it by 6:30 then you will not be able to participate.

    What time does it start?

    Toes in the water at 6:30 AM.

    How long do we have to swim?

    We are required to be inside the buoy's by 8:30 AM.  This means you need to be aware of how far you are out in the lake and plan to allow enough time to return to shore by 8:30.

    What is required to Swim?

    You must be given a cap to swim with and sign-in prior to entering the water.  There are no exceptions to this rule as our permit depends on it.

    What safety measures are in place?

    This is a swim at your own risk event.  Having said that we are trying to coordinate as many kayaks as we can get each week to try ensure everyone stay's safe and has a good time. 


    • 09 May 2018
    • 12 Sep 2018
    • 19 sessions
    • https://www.facebook.com/louisville.landsharks/


    Check the Facebook page for announcements about exact location.  In general, the hill sessions will alternate weeks between Indiana and Kentucky.

    • 05 Aug 2018
    • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Gravely Brewing

    We have monthly socials and an annual kickoff party in January. We also have regular training rides and runs throughout the year. Anyone is welcome to these social events, and a paid membership is not required to attend.

    If you are new and want to find out more about the club, you should join us at a social event. You can find our the latest on these social events on our public pages on Facebook and Instagram. Our hope is that you like what you see and learn, and that you become a paid member so that you can fully enjoy these sweet perks in addition to supporting this awesome community that will support you right back.

Past events

21 Jun 2018 July Social - Citizen 7
21 Jun 2018 June Social - Whisky Dry
24 May 2018 May Social
17 Sep 2017 Louisville Landsharks Triathlon
21 May 2017 2017 Deam Lake Open Water Swims (Paid Members Only)
11 May 2017 Thursday Evening Hills Ride
05 Apr 2017 Wednesday Evening Rides (VO2 or Bootleg)
13 Dec 2016 December Social
13 Nov 2016 November Social
09 Oct 2016 October Social
09 Oct 2016 Club Race - Ironman Louisville
24 Sep 2016 End of Season Cookout
13 Sep 2016 September Social
21 Aug 2016 Club Race - Ironman 70.3 Ohio
14 Aug 2016 Club Ride
13 Aug 2016 August Social
13 Aug 2016 Run with Joy
24 Jul 2016 Club Race - Louisville Landsharks Triathlon presented by ProRehab
21 Jul 2016 Women's Social
17 Jul 2016 Club Ride
16 Jul 2016 Joy Run
13 Jul 2016 July Social
09 Jul 2016 Club Race - Muncie 70.3
19 Jun 2016 Club Race - Tri Louisville (formerly Race the Bridge)
13 Jun 2016 June Social
05 Jun 2016 Club Ride - Ride, Wine and Crashers
21 May 2016 Club Race - Tri Fest
13 May 2016 May Social
08 May 2016 Deam Lake Swim
30 Apr 2016 Club Race - Derby Festival mini/Marathon
13 Apr 2016 April Social
10 Apr 2016 Club Race - Shelbyville Tri Series #3
20 Mar 2016 Club Race - Shelbyville Tri Series #2
14 Mar 2016 March Social at Fitness RX!
28 Feb 2016 Club Race - Shelbyville Tri Series #1
13 Feb 2016 February Social
23 Jan 2016 6th Annual Landshark Kickoff Event
23 Aug 2015 Deam Lake Swim
09 Aug 2015 Deam Lake Swim
26 Jul 2015 Deam Lake Swim
12 Jul 2015 Deam Lake Swim
28 Jun 2015 Deam Lake Swim
14 Jun 2015 Deam Lake Swim
31 May 2015 Deam Lake Swim



Thank you all for participating and we hope you had some fun while logging miles this winter. We also hope that you will participate with us again next December!

Average Per Club Member 1135.72 (31 Members)

Overall Top 3
21. Anastasia Mckay 3775.47 
134. Wes Keen 2436.14
157. Lilith McGhee 2314.57

David Metka 80.12
[ Anastasia Mckay 76.62 ]
[ Wes Keen 53.43 ]
Sonja Lenhardt 45.07

[ Anastasia Mckay 2033.04 ]
Ann Mandt Hall 881.39
[ Wes Keen 848.21 ]
Dwight Cischke 769

[ Lilith Mcghee 490.14 ]
Andrew Thai 401.37
[ Wes Keen 351.21 ]
[ Anastasia Mckay 338.71 ]
Michael Nacke 280.75


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