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Consistency is Key (CiK): 

I have a strong passion to help athletes reach their fitness goals. For the past 10 years I have been coaching athletes of all ages, skill levels, athletic backgrounds, and distances as a Triathlon coach.  I am a USAT Coach (2012) and Ironman Certified Coach (2016).  In addition to these certifications, I also have my run coach certification (2008) through Team in Training/The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and RRCA( 2018).

I have walked the same path as my athletes, I have participated in many races:  Sprint, Olympic, multiple 70.3 finishes (every year since 2010), and I am a 3-time Ironman finisher (Louisville, 2013,2015, Florida 2017).  I have also crossed the finish line of many half and full marathons (most recent is KDF Half Marathon in 2019).  My athletic profile also includes ultra-distance swims. 

What separates me from other coaches is my holistic approach (physical, mental, nutrition, work/life/training balance).  I focus on each of my athletes as an individual and do not apply a “cookie-cutter” approach.  I understand and can plan around work, travel, vacations and the unexpected twists in life.  I’m proud to say my athletes form a tight team bond and support and often train with each other. 

Contact Info:  502-523-6508    Email:  sonjalenhardt@icloud.com    Website:  https://cikcoaching.com        Member since April, 2010

Progressive Endurance Coaching: 

Progressive Endurance Coaching is a data driven triathlon coaching service.  I use analytical software (beyond what Trainingpeaks.com utilizes) to help me find where your training needs to be focused.  However, I believe in the importance of athlete feedback from their workouts and races. 

I have first hand knowledge on what it takes to race at a high level (I raced professionally for 3.5 years) and have a proven track record of success with my athletes with results such as 1st place AG finishes at Ironman events and athletes qualifying for World Championship races every year. 

Whether you are looking at a sprint distance or up to Ironman distance, or even looking at going off-road at an Xterra event, I know what it takes to be successful with the training hours you have available.

Contact Info:  502 649 5003 Email:   mike.s.hermanson@gmail.com   Website:  www.progressiveendurance.com  Member since August, 2011


Anyone Can Tri:

My coaching goal is to get relatively new triathletes across the finish line with a smile.  Be it a sprint, all the way up to a full Ironman.  As I was told almost 10 years when I started, "Anyone can tri!"  My goal is to help you overcome whatever restrictions you have:  be it work, be it inexperience in one of the three sports, or anything else that is holding you back.  I love nothing more than seeing an athlete cross the finish line of whatever distance they've challenged themselves to complete. 

I'm a 9-time Ironman finisher in every possible condition/course type.  Flat to hilly bike courses, calm to windy conditions, and rainy to dry weather.  I've competed in fresh/salt water, in no current/a good push, and in a wetsuit and without. Run courses have been pancake flat to hilly.  Temperatures have ranged from blisteringly hot to the mid-50s.

Contact Info: 502-468-6463  Email:   jeffjohnson9@gmail.com   Website:  https://u.ironman.com/certified-coach/jeff-Johnson 

Member since Nov, 2012

Mindful Performance Coaching:

I am Katie Adams and have a BA in Kinesiology emp. on Sports Performance with a minor in Nutrition from Bellarmine University. I offer in studio and online strength training and triathlon programming for distances from sprints to 70.3

In addition, I am a ACSM certified personal trainer. I offer functional movement screenings to access functionality of the body to point out imbalances and weaknesses that could lead to injury during training season. 

Contact Info: 502-298-6903  Email:   K.adams4kiva@gmail.com Member since May, 2018

Drew Kallio:

"Runner, Cyclist, Triathlete from Florida, new to Louisville last year. I’m a geek about biomechanics, certified in coaching, technical services, an expert in run coaching and everything bike related.

I’ve been at it for 30+ years and love helping people enjoy this healthy lifestyle. I’ve risen to the top of my profession. I have worked with world champions to age groupers, currently working with several top triathletes in the area.

Contact Info:   904 993 0604    Email:   DrewKallio@gmail.com     Website:   DrewKallio.com          Member since July, 2019

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