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February 2018 message from President Allison Brown






Hey Sharks!


Happy April – hope your month is off to a great start and that you’ve had a chance to enjoy some of the hints of spring we’ve seen over the last couple of weeks.

This month, I wanted to highlight some news from Frankfort. Late last month, Kentucky’s governor signed House Bill 33 into law.  Once this law goes into effect, drivers passing cyclists on a multi-lane road must use the adjacent lane (if available). If no adjacent lane is available, drivers must give cyclists at least three feet of space when passing (or use reasonable caution if the road isn’t wide enough to allow three feet of space).  Drivers are also now expressly allowed to cross double yellow lines to pass under certain circumstances if it’s safe for them to do so.


For cyclists, riders are prohibited from riding more than two abreast on a single highway lane, unless you’re on a part of the road that’s exclusively for bicycle use. You also can’t “impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic” when riding two abreast. If you’re interested, the full text of the bill is here: http://www.lrc.ky.gov/recorddocuments/bill/18RS/HB33/bill.pdf.  The new law will likely take effect sometime in July, depending on when the legislature adjourns.


While this new law is a helpful development for cyclists in Kentucky, it’s obviously not going to stop every close pass or other bad behavior. To that end, please stay vigilant and use safe riding habits and common sense when you’re out on the road.  Please also keep in mind that when you’re out on a bike, whether you like it or not, someone is likely going to see you as a representative of the cycling community as a whole. Please be a good ambassador for the sport and community we love.  Riding safely and courteously doesn’t just help keep you safe – it helps keep everyone else safe, too.  And if you have questions about cycling etiquette or safety, please speak up! Our bike director, Susan Pyron, is a wealth of knowledge and experience – as are many of our members.


Okay, lecture over. Get out and have some fun this month! Hope to see all of you out on the road soon.


Go Sharks!










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