Louisville Landsharks


February 2019 message from President Todd Swartz


For those of you who attended the kickoff, I hope you had as great a time as I did. The venue was awesome and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Big thanks to our sponsors for spending time with us that evening and taking time to meet everyone. Also, huge shout out to the entire board and all the volunteers who did so much to make the night a success. Kim Dallara did such a great job organizing this. Make sure you tell her thanks the next time you see her.

Speaking of doing a great job.. I want to take a moment to recognize a couple of other people for their efforts….

Heidi Holtzman, has done a terrific job organizing the USAT Challenge, coordinating with USAT and keeping everyone informed on status and standings. She is doing this in addition to sharing Membership duties with Andrew Thai.

Tracy Shirley has jumped in with both feet on her communications role for the Club. I hope you all have taken some time to check out the latest newsletters. She has implemented some great new ideas and the new pdf format is working well. I’ll save more kudos for future messages because I could go on and on about each one of our board members…. They all play a such a crucial role to the success of the Landsharks.

Keep up the good work on the USAT Challenge! There are some serious miles being logged!!!

That’s all for now, let’s continue to train hard and train wisely.

I hope to see you out there.


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