Louisville Landsharks


August 2019 message from President Todd Swartz


July was a busy month for racing!  It was great watching Social Media feeds and seeing people post pictures, flashing medals, getting podium spots and just celebrating finishes and the opportunity to toe the line.  The season is far from over and there is still plenty of training and racing ahead.

I see a trend of shorter runs and rides being put together by members and posted in the Forum.  That is so awesome!  Especially the Beer Run, because, well, many of us love beer 😊.  But seriously, keep them coming.  The more options we have, the more involvement we will see and the trend continues. 

I hope you were able to come to our August Social.  We were so luck you have Dave Miller taking time to come share his story with us.  Since his cycling accident in 2017, Dave has fought through so many challenges and continues to make incredible progress.  Dave has a desire to share his story through public speaking engagements, and we were fortunate enough to get his time before he hits the big stage.  He was such a big hit that even the staff that was working the event stayed to spend extra time with him.

And finally, we just want to give everyone who filled out the Landshark survey some big thanks!  We are gathering the data and looking for trends. Lots of praise, which is rewarding, but also some area that can be improved. More to come…

That’s all for now, let’s continue to train hard and train wisely.

I hope to see you out there.


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