Louisville Landsharks


March 2019 message from President Todd Swartz


Spring is upon us and that means we have more daylight time and fewer days at freezing temperatures. This also means a lot more days outdoors training in the sunshine. As you may have seen on the Facebook members area, the weekly rides and bi-weekly hill sessions are starting soon. That is a great time to get out and meet other members.

Speaking of other members, it is great to see so many new members joining the club and I look forward to the chance to meet everyone. You have probably already recognized it, but this is an incredible group to be a part of. The best way to join in all of the camaraderie and support we offer is by simply getting involved and showing up. You will be amazed how many new friends you will make in such a short time!

We recognize that it can be an intimidating sport. That is why we introduced Sharkmates within the past year. Huge thanks to Kim Dallara, Tracy Shirley, and Angela Thomas, for initiating, spearheading and facilitating this program! In short, by requesting a Sharkmate, newer members will be paired up with an experienced Triathlete that will be a familiar face to meet at training events and socials. They can help teach you the ropes, answer embarrassing questions, (no, we don’t wear underwear with our cycling or tri shorts :-)) and introduce you to others.

By volunteering to be a Sharkmate, you have the opportunity to give back to this great sport and pay it forward far all the people that helped you. I am sure each of us had a mentor starting out.   Thanks Kim, Tracy, Angela and all the Sharkmates who have shared their passion!

You are changing lives, whether you realize it or not....

That’s all for now, let’s continue to train hard and train wisely.

I hope to see you out there.


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