Louisville Landsharks


Deam Lake Swim

  • 22 Sep 2019
  • 6:30 AM - 8:30 AM
  • 1217 Deam Lake Road Borden IN 47106

Rules for participating in Landsharks Open water swims

1.) You have to be a current Landshark Member before arriving to Deam Lake

Not a member, you can still join:  https://louisvillelandsharks.wildapricot.org/become-a-member

2.) You need your Waiver signed. This is found online and it was one of the things you did when renewing your membership.

3.) We have to have enough Kayakers in the water before anyone can get in. Yes this is determined by me. This has to do with the experience level in the water, and the weather.

4.) If you look like you are struggling and a Kayakers determines you need to go back to the shore then you will return to inside the buoys. Do not argue with the Kayakers.

5.) Due to permit with Deam Lake all swimmers must be inside the Buoy line by 8:30 am

6.) You have to wear the approved swim cap. First one is free after that a $5 fee is required.

Swims may be cancelled due to weather. Please sign up for the Rainout text alert for Landshark members.


  1. Easiest:  text SHARKALERTS to 84483
  2. Slightly Harder:  https://www.rainedout.net/team_page.php?a=6be5e6a81c3c53863034

Depending on what time you arrive at the park (and if park staff is present), it is possible you will need to pay a park entrance fee.  Entrance fee for Indiana license plates ~$7.00 and non-Hoosiers is slightly higher.  

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